Hotspot Software

Our Hotspot Software is running on the router, no computer is required.

Control Center

Cloud-based solution lets you manage unlimited hotspot locations from the Cloud.

Supported Devices

Our Hotspot Software is compatible with many kinds of routers, access points and firmwares.

Who is using IPOWERWIFI ?'s unique hotspot software is used by various small businesses and big venues. It is also used as a backend by large ISPs and service providers using our Reseller Program.


Reseller Program for System Integrators reseller program is designed for ISP and WISP companies, Multi-site, Hotels, Campgrounds, Retail Chains, Wireless Hotspot Installers, Network System Integrators.

You, as a reseller can provide hotspot solutions to your clients without having to operate servers, using our cloud-based hosted solution. With our White Label service you can sell the system as it was your own, using your brand.

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