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As the foremost Hotspot aggregator  globally and with a proven track record with more than 8 years' experience in the Wi-Fi industry, ipowerwifi solution offers customers unparalleled and affordable global and local roaming capabilities, empowering users to connect at over 1500 integrated ipower-Connect Wi-Fi Hotspots. Hotspots within our network include all the major airports, shopping malls, restaurants etc.


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Hotspot PRO

We handle all payments, refunds and try to protect you from chargebacks. We also support local payment methods like iDeal and DirectEBanking. Unlike other solutions which work with PayPal only, we offer a true credit card solution and using multiple payment processors to ensure reliability and maximize revenue.

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Hotspot Free Voucher

You can give a unique code to your customer which limits the usage as needed. Voucher codes can be generated and printed out from the Control Center using our tool which creates high quality PDF files.

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Free Hotspot Basic

Your customers just need to accept the terms and click on the Login button. Your hotspot comes with multiple splash page designs which are also optimized for mobile devices. You can also host your own start page with Walled Garden feature.

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Hotspot Free SMS

Your hotspot can only be accessed by customers with a valid mobile number. Numbers can be used to track people in case of illegal activities in your hotspot or can be used in an SMS advertising campaign.

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Hotspot Free Social

While giving out free Wi-Fi, you can Promote your own Facebook Page, get new "Check-Ins" and social recommendations from your customers. This increases your business' visibility, customer engagement and sales.

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Hotspot Free Family

Set access codes that limit the duration or traffic consumption that your kids can use. Generate a code which let's say allows 12 hours of internet usage within a week. Access codes will expire automatically so they need to ask for an other access code if they want to use more.

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